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Multi Session Mindfulness Programming

The Crisis Centre’s new Multi Session Mindfulness Program is a unique, 16-session curriculum introducing youth, and those working with them, to skills and practices that support self-awareness. Delivered twice-per-week over 8 weeks, teens are exposed to multiple ways of experiencing and practicing mindfulness in daily life.

What does that mean? This program teaches how to notice and name emotions, recognize and manage negative thinking, notice and reduce impulsivity, increase body awareness and grow recognition of community inter-connectedness.

This program is based on a curriculum developed by Mindful Schools, a non-profit organization based in California.

About our Multi Session Mindfulness Program:

  • Sixteen 15-20 minute sessions, twice weekly (i.e. 8 weeks), facilitated by trained Crisis Centre mindfulness facilitators
  • Teacher or staff experience is not required; however, a personal interest in enhancing your understanding of mindfulness and how mindfulness can be shared with youth is key
  • Teacher or staff participates along with students throughout entire program
  • Teacher or staff supports students weekly mindfulness exercises and journaling activity

The program is available for free, however a donation of any amount is greatly appreciated.  Priority will be given to schools or programs serving youth at-risk within the City of Vancouver.

Accepting Requests for 2016.

Request our Multi Session Mindfulness Program for 2016!

About Our Mindfulness Facilitators:

The Crisis Centre’s Multi Session Mindfulness Program is supported by two full-time staff and two volunteer facilitators, each dedicated to mindfulness practice.  Our team of facilitators has extensive experience in mindfulness through class and/or retreat time.  All of our facilitators have received the Mindful Schools Online Curriculum Training.