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Making a plan to get through tonight

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By Chelsea Carter In the dim light of her desk lamp, Elise picks up her pen, hands shaking. She tried her best, but she just doesn’t see how things will get better. This pandemic isn’t going anywhere and all the adults keep saying it will get better if they follow the rules, but things just […]

Tears of Relief: Crisis Centre. What’s going on for you today?

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By: Rudi Araujo It was just another day in the Lower Mainland. The skies were gray, the rain came down and gently touched the ground. It was cold but not too cold. Melissa was alone at home, sitting on the couch looking at the tiny people walking up and down the street through her apartment […]

Below the Surface: Hidden Effects of the Pandemic

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By: Thomas Golka COVID-19 has fundamentally changed how we work, socialize, and carry out our daily lives. As a result, the mental health of the general population has suffered substantially, and the demand for mental health services is anticipated to increase considerably.  We can get through this by supporting one another – and ensuring 24/7 […]

Support Your Well-being in Times of Change: Free Webinar

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By Lu Ripley, Director of Community Learning and Engagement Living through a pandemic impacts each of us in different ways. Likely, most of us have experienced some degree of increased stress, anxiety, distress or strong emotions related to the unprecedented changes and ongoing uncertainty.   We are here 24/7 to support communities and individuals through our […]

Caring for our Caregivers: Essential Services

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By Lu Ripley, Director of Community Learning and Engagement Supporting mental health has never been so essential. Stress, loss, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma – we are all impacted during this time of uncertainty and change.  As an organization specializing in managing crises, the Crisis Centre offers courses and workshops geared specifically towards the frontline caregiver – […]