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Back to School? You Got This! 3 Tips for Teens this Fall

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How do we support mental health when information changes almost daily as we respond to the current health crisis? Many of us are experiencing anxiety, stress, and other challenges that can negatively affect our daily lives. This is when strategies can be useful to help manage it. Here are 3 tips to help manage anxiety […]

Going Local: 5 Tips for a Successful Staycation

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By Tiffany Robinson Wellness Programs Specialist If you’re staying close to home this summer, staycations (stay-at-home vacations) can be a super-fun and rewarding way to holiday with lots of benefits. In addition to saving on travel costs and fossil fuel emissions, staycations are a great way to appreciate the awesome elements of your local surroundings, […]

The leap to virtual, online volunteer training

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By Chelsea Carter with Akhila Blaise, Distress Services, Training & Quality Assurance   Volunteers are the foundation of the Crisis Centre. Since its inception, the Crisis Centre phones have depended on volunteers to answer the majority of call-takers. To become a call-taker they must first complete 110-hours of training, which includes monitored call taking. In […]

Shifting to increase Crisis Centre capacity

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By Chelsea Carter with Josh Cytrynbaum, Director, Distress Services, Crisis Response & Operations   While the world seemed to have stopped in response to COVID-19, nothing stopped in the Crisis Centre call-room and online chat services. Crisis line operations remained the same – the Centre did what it does best: respond to crisis.  Calls increased, […]

Providing support in the new normal

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By Chelsea Carter with Lu Ripley, Director of Community Learning and Engagement In a moment’s notice, a new “normal” was created as British Columbia responded to COVID-19. Schools and offices closed, shops were no longer taking customers, and playgrounds were taped off. In the midst of it, support service providers were suddenly faced with the […]