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Older Adult Specific

Seniors Distress Line – 604-872-1234
A free and confidential telephone service for older adults and those who care for them.  Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Older Adult Mental Health Program – Vancouver
Provides specialized services for older adults who are 65 and over. Services are for those who: have recently developed a mental health problem such as depression or bipolar illness, have a high risk behaviors related to advancing dementia or have medical problems related to aging that complicate the treatment of a mental illness.

Older Adult Mental Health Central Intake – Vancouver
Central intake for older adults in Vancouver only, no exceptions. Individuals who are eligible for this service must be either: older adults 65+ who suffer from a dementia, are younger than 65 and have a progressive early onset dementia, or are 65+ and suffering from first onset depression and/or anxiety. This is not an emergency service. Call 604-709-6785.

Richmond Mental Health Team – Adult Program
Offers a wide array of mental health services, activities, resources, and health care professions to adults (age 19+) and older adults (age 65+) in a variety of settings including outpatient, inpatient, and in the home. Call 604-675-3975.

North Shore Older Adult Mental Health – West Vancouver
Provides mental health outreach, assessment and treatment by an interdisciplinary team to North Shore residents aged 70 and over who are experiencing complex mental illness, substance use, or abuse, neglect or self-neglect. Adults under 70 years of age with dementia will be considered on an individual basis. Call 604-904-6200.

Older Adult Mental Health Team Sunshine Coast
Provides care planning, capability assesments and short-term-counselling to senior clients with cognitive decline due to aging-related conditions. Call 604-885-6101.

Community Outreach Program for the Elderly – Powell River
Specialized mental health program for people over 65 years of age and for people under the age of 65 years who may be experiencing problems generally associated with aging. Call 604-485-3300.

Dementia Helpline – Alzheimer Society of BC
Province-wide support and information service for anyone with questions about dementia, including people with dementia, their caregivers, family and friends, professionals, and the general public.
Province-wide: 1-800-936-6033
Lower Mainland: 604-681-8651
Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.