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Contributing to my community

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Sharing a message of hope is core to the individuals who offer their time to volunteer at the Crisis Centre. Volunteers are our front-line support team, providing help to those who need it the most on our 24/7 phone and online chat services, or in the community providing education and training to individuals can help themselves and others when they need it.

Evan started to volunteer at the Centre in 2015. He recently ‘retired’ from the two volunteer positions he held: Crisis Services Responder and  Youth Educator.

Here are three things Evan shared with us:

What stands out most from your experience volunteering?

Connecting with amazing fellow volunteers. I met some really wonderful people and made many beloved, close friends through the Crisis Centre.

What did you gain from volunteering? What were the benefits?

In distress services, I learned to really listen and validate. As a youth educator, I learned I love to teach. This inspired me to change careers.

Any final thoughts or reflections you’d like to share?

Volunteering at the Crisis Centre was one of the best experiences of my time in Vancouver. I felt like I was contributing back to my community for the first time, and I made many dear and beloved friends. I learned invaluable skills from both my roles. 

Working as a youth educator also inspired me to change careers and become a teacher, something I really love and feel passionate about. I’m thankful for all the support and encouragement I received from Martin and Tiffany during my time volunteering.Be part of fostering a caring and connected community; join the Crisis Centre volunteer team.