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Creating a Mindfulness-Based Practice to Support Your Wellbeing: An Interview with Alex Bruce

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By Stephanie Quon 

There is a bit of an ingredient list a person can have when they are setting out to try mindfulness for the first time: curiosity, reflection, and exploration.

Whether someone is new to mindfulness or has been practicing it for a long time, trying new techniques can always be helpful. Alex Bruce, a health and wellness educator who leads workshops for the Crisis Centre of BC, shared that mindfulness is really about “being curious and investigative about how an approach feels to you and how it resonates for you.”

Mindfulness, according to Alex, “is a supportive practice centred on being soft and curious in the present moment.” Mindfulness has numerous benefits and has been found to aid in the reduction of stress, anxiety, depression, and anger and to support one’s nervous system and immune functioning. According to Alex, “some people may find it helps them to be more present or compassionate, while others may find that it helps interrupt thoughts that might not be as supportive to overall well-being.” 

The benefits of practicing mindfulness for overall health and well-being are limitless.

Mindfulness practice is not “one-size-fits-all.” What works for one person may not work for another. Alex described this as finding the right fitting shoe: “This process is like finding a pair of shoes. We can try them on, walk around, and see how they fit. Luckily, there is an entire shoe store to find the pair that fits perfectly.” 

With many things going on around the world lately, mindfulness can be a helpful tool for individuals to support themselves. Alex shared that “now, more than ever, people need something that can help them center, help them balance; something to hold on to when the seas get a little stormy.” In a broader sense, according to Alex, “the world needs to learn how to be a little softer on themselves right now, and we would see a lot less turmoil if everyone took a moment just to breathe, relax, reflect on how they are feeling, and find the best way to support themselves. That is what mindfulness offers.”

On September 28th, the Crisis Centre will host a free webinar titled How to Create a Mindfulness-Based Practice to Support Your Wellbeing. The 45-minute session will include multiple facets of mindfulness, the science behind learning to calm one’s nervous system, several mindful techniques and exercises, and the most foundational principle of a healthy and successful mindful practice. 

The webinar is perfect for anyone new to mindfulness, would like to learn more about mindfulness, or is looking to strengthen and increase an existing mindfulness practice. 

Alex touched on its versatility, sharing that “we are going to be trying several mindfulness techniques that allow people to dip their toes in if they are new to it or dive right in if they are familiar with it.” 

Register on Eventbrite to attend the session live or to gain access to the recording and engage with the session at your own pace and convenience.