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FAQs Phone Service

What happens when I call you?

When you phone the Crisis Centre, you will be connected to one of our highly-trained volunteers.  We will listen to you and try to understand how you are feeling and what has happened that has caused you to feel that way. We’ll talk about your options with you, and start to help you develop a plan for how to manage the concerns that led you to call us.


Do many people use your services?

Yes. In 2015, we responded to 40,816 contacts through our phone and chat services.


Are you confidential?

Everything you say is confidential within the Crisis Centre. Distress line personnel may monitor and listen in on calls for training or quality assurance purposes. We exist to help people, so if you disclose that you intend to harm yourself or hurt someone else or that a child or youth is being abused, then we are concerned for the person in danger. In these difficult cases, you are strongly encouraged to seek professional help and ensure the safety of yourself and others. Our volunteers will do their best to attempt to stop suicides and homicides and to get help for children and youth who are being abused. This may include reporting pertinent identifying information to appropriate agencies that can intervene on behalf of the person in danger.


Do you have Caller ID?

Any information a caller may provide us including telephone numbers or names remain private and confidential. We only disclose information when there exists a risk to someone’s life or in the case of child abuse or neglect.

If someone is unable or unwilling to act to ensure their own or someone else’s safety, we use call display and caller ID technology to assist us. It is only used when someone’s life is at risk or to ensure a child or youth’s safety from abuse or neglect.

If you have any additional questions about the Distress Phone Services, please call the Crisis Centre Business Line at 604-872-1811.