Together We Give Hope

Facebook Fundraising

Create your own fundraiser on Facebook. Help raise valuable funds for the Crisis Centre.

Some reasons you might want to create a Facebook fundraiser:

  • Celebrate your birthday
  • Commemorate an anniversary
  • Raise general awareness

Fundraising on Facebook is Easy

You can use your personal account to share your story, tell your friends about the Crisis Centre, and rally around a particular goal. Inspire your friends to give by reaching out to those who care about you and what you care about. Connect your friends with the Crisis Centre and help save lives.

Your friends can easily donate in a few short taps without leaving Facebook, and donors can choose to make a one-time or monthly recurring gift.

Draw the Circle Wide

When your friends donate on Facebook they are given the opportunity to share their donation with their friends on their news feed, increasing awareness of the campaign and potentially raising more funds.

Facebook does not charge fees for donations made to charities