Together We Give Hope

Spring Campaign 2023


Dear reader,

My name is Mirrick; I’m a volunteer at the Crisis Centre of BC and I want to tell you my story. 

I was born in July 1984. In October 1998, my life could have ended. It could have lasted only a short 14 years. 

When I was 14 years old, I tried to die by suicide after having been bullied. I was gay and Asian in a small conservative town during the 90s, a time when dimensions of diversity were not proudly embraced or celebrated as they are today. On October 1, 1998, I was in a paralyzing moment of crisis where ending my life seemed better than carrying on. That day, I believed there was no one who could understand what I was going through. I had no hope. 

If at that moment I had known about the services of an organization like the Crisis Centre of BC, I wouldn’t bear the physical, mental, or emotional scars that I do now. 

For the past year, I have been volunteering at the Crisis Centre of BC as a Youth Educator delivering the Centre’s Self-Care for Mental Health workshops. The work we do at the Centre saves lives. The services provide mental health education and a lifeline to those in need of non-judgemental and confidential support during a time of crisis. 

While each person at the Centre has their own story that led them to champion the Centre’s work, what unites us is our compassion and dedication to supporting the communities around us. 

This spring, I encourage you, our supporters, to send a note of appreciation, encouragement, or inspiration to my friends and fellow volunteers. 


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Thank you for your amazing support,

Mirrick Koh 
Crisis Centre Volunteer


P.S. I also encourage you to join me in making a donation to help the Crisis Centre of BC continue providing their lifesaving services.