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Free Webinar – The Window of Tolerance: Tools to Support Self Regulation

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Interested in learning about how the ups and downs of life can affect the nervous system and capacity to effectively cope with the day-to-day?

Looking for practical tools to support clarity, grounding and self-regulation when you’re triggered?

In these challenging times, the Crisis Centre of BC is offering a free webinar to share practical, trauma-informed, mindfulness-based tools to support self-awareness and healthy nervous system regulation.

This 30-minute (free) session will include:

  • Learning about the window of tolerance.
  • Science-based information on nervous system regulation, stress and trauma.
  • Strategies to support self-awareness and getting back into your “window” if you have become dysregulated.
  • Information on the Crisis Centre’s services, including our online 6-week course, Tools for Managing Stress and Burnout. 

Thursday, August 5th from 12 noon to 12:30
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