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Going Local: 5 Tips for a Successful Staycation

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By Tiffany Robinson
Wellness Programs Specialist

If you’re staying close to home this summer, staycations (stay-at-home vacations) can be a super-fun and rewarding way to holiday with lots of benefits. In addition to saving on travel costs and fossil fuel emissions, staycations are a great way to appreciate the awesome elements of your local surroundings, like a tourist in your own backyard. 

Here are a few tips to help you plan and enjoy a successful staycation:

  1. Set the dates. Just like if you were travelling, book your dates and set an auto-response for your email and voicemail. Tip: avoid work–be in vacation mode!
  2. Set the stage. Try to complete any to-do’s, like laundry or house cleaning, before your staycation begins. Consider preparing your home or living space as if a special friend were coming for a stay (that’s you!). Tip: fresh cut flowers, chocolates on pillows, fresh air and a tidy living space go a long way.
  3. Mix it up…with a theme. They say a change is as good as a rest. A key to a successful staycation is not doing your usual routine. So, if you’re typically a night owl, plan some early morning adventures. If you tend to eat the same foods, branch out and try something new. Tip: pick a theme inspired by a favourite genre of music, country, or cuisine and weave it through your time.
  4. Pick what you love. Your staycation can look like anything, so notice which comforts and local activities you’d like to include in your perfect at-home holiday. Tip: consider recreational activities, new or favourite nature spots, books, movies, games, food, beverages, music and cozy places to nap.
  5. Try a deep local mind-set: When we see or do things regularly, our minds can adopt a ‘been there, done that’ mind-set. When we dismiss what’s familiar, it can limit the depth of our experiences…and the fun. Instead, be like a kid! Play with the idea of visiting your home and local surroundings as if it were the first time. When your mind dismisses stuff as the same ol’ same ol’, bring a lens of curiosity and openness to your experiences and surroundings, and try not to judge. Tip: Notice your five senses as much as you can. Set an intention to be present for your deep local staycation.

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