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MindFlip for Youth: Brain Science Tools for Everyday Living







What is it about?

MindFlip: Brain Science Tools for Everyday Living is a free, self-paced,  youth-friendly online program, intended for independent or group learning. MindFlip teaches brain science and skills for mental fitness, including emotional regulation, self-awareness and -compassion, and mindful tools to deal with stress and life challenges. Sessions utilize videos, interactive content, and guided practices.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to MindFlip & how it can support our mental health
  • Brain science that supports mindfulness and practical tools for effective self-regulation
  • Why it’s beneficial to have greater awareness of our thoughts and emotions
  • Learning and practicing compassion for self and others
  • The value of noticing the “good” stuff in our lives, especially in difficult times

Both youth and school/program staff report gaining practical skills through our mindfulness-based programming. Read the MindFlip article to find out more.


What’s In It For You?

MindFlip is:

  • Available free of charge, and can be requested by school staff, parents or youth
  • Suitable for both in group and independent learning
  • Interactive and self-paced to make reviewing content easy

MindFlip includes:

  • Workbook ideas for teachers and parents, as well as student handouts to facilitate student learning
  • Recommendations of local youth resources

To access MindFlip , please click here.