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Pet therapy for Crisis Centre volunteers

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It’s just across the street and a block west of the Crisis Centre. Nestled next to one of my favourite local pizza places is Catoro Café.

Since the Café launched on July 29, 2019,  they have proved to be as passionate and creative in creating social good as they are at running a business.

The Catoro Café serves delicious food and a relaxing experience for humans to hang out with the many cats who pass through their doors. In the process, they give cats rescued by the Cat Therapy & Rescue Society, the chance to meet and choose their very own adoptive family.

In their efforts to become a key part of the Mount Pleasant community, Catoro’s owners Nathan Chan, Leo Chan, Lisa Wong, and Luke Mochizuki have been very active in developing relationships with other non-profits and businesses in the area – including the Crisis Centre.

Our volunteers are mission-critical in responding to our callers and chatters, and in carrying the message that we are capable of helping each other deal with suicide and crisis when it comes into our lives. Often, the conversations our volunteers have with individuals in distress are difficult. 

Thanks to the generosity of Catoro Café team, our volunteers have free access to time with cats (and the benefit of warm tea on a cold day). This is pet therapy at the community level, providing our volunteers with space to re-find balance after a difficult shift.

We are thankful for the support provided to our volunteers by Catoro Café – and we wouldn’t be at all surprised if our volunteers end up supporting the work of the Cat Therapy & Rescue Society by adopting a cat or two when they can. 

If you know a business or local organization who should partner with us, we would like to know