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Position on Physican Assisted Death Legislation

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The Crisis Centre’s position on Physician Assisted Death follows the positioning of the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention.  Please find their positioning below.  Please see our Media Centre for inquiries or requests for interviews.


“The Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention (CASP) is pleased that the federal government legislation on medical assistance in dying, introduced in the House of Commons On Thursday April 14, 2016, recognizes suicide is a significant public health issue that can have lasting and harmful effects on individuals, families and communities.  CASP would like to remind everyone that we are not speaking about suicide when we talk about physician assisted death.  To provide the appropriately balanced ongoing discussion and policy/legislation developments, physician assisted death needs to take place in the context of the implementation of a key strategy for suicide prevention.  Additionally, we are reminded that the six key recommendations of The Federal Framework for Suicide Prevention Legislation have not yet had an opportunity to be released. 

CASP is heartened by the fact that the proposed legislation is attempting to strike a balance between the wishes of Canadians who choose to seek medical assistance in dying with protecting the interests of vulnerable persons.

CASP will continue to provide a voice through this process and encourage suicide prevention and increased resources to be made available to all Canadians.

You may also find this infographic helpful from the Centre for Suicide Prevention: