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Q&A with Cyncitaee Robins

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Ready to make a difference and bring more joy to the world drives Cyncitaee Robins. A mother with two beautiful boys from Clinton, BC, Cyncitaee has made the commitment to wear a onesie for a year as part of her fundraising campaign to support the Crisis Centre of BC. 

Cyncitaee recently met with Crisis Centre staff for a short Q&A about her campaign.

How did you get the idea for this fundraising campaign?

I have been onesie fan since the first time I bought one for me and my best friend Tyson who died by suicide in October 2017. His death saddened my heart and still does today. It took me a while of being sad and depressed with no motivation until realizing I had to do better for my kids and Tyson.  So I talked to friends, my kids and Tyson (haha ya Tyson. I talk to him all the time it helps me heal), got a journal, watched movies, and came out of my bubble. I shared with my friends and family who I knew would support me after Tyson’s death, and I decided to share my goals and dreams. They all supported my idea of starting a fundraising campaign and everything became more positive in my life. I was achieving the goals I had written down which brings us to now. Positive vibes. It’s only up from here.

What do you hope others will learn through your efforts?

That no matter how hard things seem to be there can be a positive outcome even if it rips out your heart and fogs the brain. You are all loved by so many and need to keep believing in how beautiful you all are.

What makes you laugh?


Who inspires you and why?

Definitely Johnny Depp. All of his wonderful movies and songs bring joy to many. He is a survivor of domestic violence which touches me deeply, and his strength and will of not backing down motivate me. He also finds time to go to children’s hospitals and spread love and cheer. He has a beautiful heart and soul.

What’s the most important lesson you think you may learn this year as your campaign continues?

That no matter how far away your dreams or goals seem, believing in yourself and surrounding yourself with positive vibes while moving forward every day, you can achieve anything you set your mind you.

What one message do you want readers to hear?

You are beautiful!

If you are interested in organizing a fundraising event – a holiday or birthday party, a concert, a pie-eating competition – or launch your own campaign, visit our website or touch base with the Crisis Centre development and communications team.