Together We Give Hope

Annual Report 2021


In the dim light of her desk lamp, Elise picks up her pen, hands shaking. She tried her best, but she just doesn’t see how things will get better. This pandemic isn’t going anywhere and all the adults keep saying it will get better if they follow the rules, but things just keep getting worse.

She touches pen to paper, but actually writing the note is a lot harder than she thought it would be. Her hand shakes as she thinks of her parents reading her final goodbye. 

Elise picks up the phone instead and dials the crisis line number on a flyer she got in school. She starts thinking about hanging up when someone answers the phone—“Hello, Crisis Centre.”

Elise’s story is one of two in our Annual Report that capture real-life experiences of those who reach out to us when they need it the most. 

Will you support folks like Elise?

You can find our Annual Report online. It highlights events from the past fiscal year, covering most of the period in which we were under provincial Public Health Orders.

While our Annual Report is an opportunity to look back, we are also looking forward.

This fall, we will be continuing to work with the provincial government on the Crisis Line Enhancement Project, with the shared goal of making immediate 24/7 access to crisis support available for all British Columbians. As a community-based service, we will be continuing to advance a crisis response system that reduces the burden on police and emergency rooms, and—in many cases—is better equipped to handle complex crisis situations. 

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Stacy Ashton
Executive Director