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Choices2: Reaching Out

The video and workshop package prepares youth to reach out to get help for themselves and their peers to overcome suicidal feelings.  Reviews from classroom and professional audiences are filled with praise for this powerful docu-drama.  The DVD is supplemented with a curriculum guide and slide presentation of a Jeopardy game to help you custom build a youth suicide prevention workshop around the video.  The counsellor version includes a 13 minute suicide assessment.

The DVD: For several months, Sarah has been watching her friend Jason change.  He seems down all the time.  He’s drinking a lot.  He spends most of his time alone.  Sarah decides to reach out and help.  She finds the courage to ask Jason if he’s considering suicide and takes the time to listen to how he has been feeling.  Sarah tells Jason she can’t keep his secret, and persists until he reaches out to an uncle and a school counselor for support.  Interwoven through Sarah and Jason’s story are interviews with five young adults who were touched by suicide when they were in high school.  As they share their experiences, viewers learn first hand about warning signs to watch for, the importance of asking about suicide directly, and the value of listening with an open heart and mind.  The speakers also share the impact of reaching out – to help a friend and to get help for themselves – and recognize the friends, adults and professionals who made a difference. (21 minutes)

ASIST Training within your school or community is strongly recommended when using Choices2: Reaching Out.

Classroom Version:  $160.00
(Prices include shipping)

Counsellor Version includes a 13 minute suicide assessment.  Mr. Benton, a high school counselor, discovers that Jason, the student who has “dropped in” to see him, is contemplating suicide. Mr. Benton conducts a risk assessment, helps Jason create a safety plan, and recommends treatment and follow up support. (13 minutes)

Counsellor Version:  $205.00
(Prices include shipping)

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What the experts are saying:

“As part of a comprehensive school prevention program, Choices2: Reaching Out reinforces all the essential messages.  It should both help young people become better equipped to react to a suicidal peer and help suicidal youths better understand that seeking help is not as difficult as they may think.” – Brian L. Mishara, Ph.D., President, International Association for Suicide Prevention; Professor of Psychology and Director of the Centre for Research and Intervention on Suicide and Euthanasia, University of Quebec at Montreal

“CHOICES2: Reaching Out is one of the select few videos recommended by the Video Review Committee of the American Association of Suicidology.” – Lanny Berman, Ph.D., Executive Director, American Association of Suicidology


What students are saying:

“I think that maybe if my sister’s friends had seen this, she would still be alive.” – Grade 9 Student

“I really liked the video. It got to the point and I thought it helped me to better prepare myself if I ever am in that situation. I appreciated this whole presentation. It was of great help.” – Grade 10 Student

“The documentary really stood out because there were real people that talked about their experience.” – Grade 8 Student


What teachers and counsellors are saying:

“If the presentation is about getting friends to seek help from the counsellor, it was most effective. I had about eight drop-ins from kids who were directly affected by the presentation. We sent three referrals to our adolescent emergency response team. One child had been openly discussing suicide with friends all month, but no one had come forward. I also met with two kids who had admitted keeping their friends’ suicidal ideation secret but now realized their mistake and another kid who removed an object used for self-mutilation from am friend.” – Grade 9 Counsellor

“Jamie saw his counsellor yesterday. She happened to see him in the hallway looking kind of glum and asked if he wanted to talk. He took her up on it and he was able to share some things going on in his life. That shows how a workshop like yours can plant a seed and help a student realize that there is help and support within the school and community when you are going through challenging times. Thanks!” – High School Teacher

“This is a very impressive simulation – professional quality, complete, and straightforward.” – High School Counsellor