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Media Release: BC Budget Report 2023 Recommends 9-1-1 Levy to Fund BC Crisis Line Network

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Vancouver, BC – Today’s release of the Report on the Budget 2023 Consultation by the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Service marked a decisive step taken by the Provincial Government toward an improved crisis response system for British Columbians. 

The Committee made several crucial recommendations with regards to crisis response, including all three presented by the Crisis Centre of BC during the public hearings:

  1. The Committee supported the addition of mental health services as the 4th option to 9-1-1,
  2. Recommended for the Provincial Government to implement a provincial wireless call-answer levy to fund the 9-1-1 dispatch and 4th mental health option appropriately, 
  3. Recommended for the Provincial Government to create a task force inclusive of all emergency services providers to determine how to integrate mental health supports into 9-1-1 services best. 

The Crisis Centre of BC and our partner centres that make up the BC Crisis Line Network are particularly thrilled by the commitment to “equitable” funding across all emergency service providers and the emphasis that “all [emergency response] stakeholders, along with crisis centres, should be involved in reviewing how best to incorporate mental health as a 911 option.” 

The BC Crisis Line Network applauds the Select Standing Committee on Finance for making these common-sense recommendations that will help protect and care for British Columbians and looks forward to working with the Provincial Government and all other stakeholders to make these recommendations a reality. 


Stacy Ashton
Executive Director

Jeffrey Preiss
Director, Development and Communications