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suicide to Hope

suicide to Hope is a one day interactive workshop that enables participants (clinicians and other caregivers) to apply a recovery and growth-oriented approach to working with persons previously at risk and currently safe from suicide.

This workshop’s goal is to strengthen hope by increasing the ability of helpers to hear, understand and work with the wants and needs of persons recovering from and growing through suicide.

Upcoming Trainings





March 11

9am to 4:30pm Crisis Centre
763 E Broadway, Vancouver

Workshop Fee

Standard Registration – $190

As a result of participating in this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1.  Describe how suicide experiences provide an opportunity for recovery and growth work;
  2.  Recognize how their helping qualities might impact recovery and growth work;
  3.  Understand a schematic of common issues and related recovery and growth opportunities;
  4.  Apply a model for setting recovery and growth goals; and, a framework for monitoring and coordinating recovery and growth work.

ASIST certification is a highly recommended pre-requisite.

Learn more about suicide to Hope from Living Works.

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