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Season of giving or My favourite gift was a rat

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By Stacy Ashton
Executive Director

One of my favourite Christmas gifts was a rat.

One of those awesome HeroRATs, trained to go into war zones and detect landmines, so the mines could be decommissioned and the land made safe for playgrounds. 

I never got to meet my rat, but a friend of mine “adopted” a HeroRAT on my behalf, and I appreciated that gift way better than another pair of gloves.

If you are looking for ways to make your gifts meaningful this year, supporting causes close to your heart is a good way to go.

Over the holiday season, we will be answering calls from people who are struggling. Our team of volunteers and staff will be here, keeping our lines open, making sure that no one has to struggle alone.

We’d appreciate your support.

If you’ve received a holiday card from us this year – which, by the way, are really pretty – you’ve also received not one, but two donation cards. 

One is for you to send in, and the other one is for you to give to a friend. Perhaps your friend would love to know you’ve made a donation in their name as a holiday present, or perhaps you’d like to encourage people to give donations in your name instead of giving you things.

If you did not receive a holiday card and pledge card in the mail, please consider making a donation online.

I can’t think of a better present. Except for a bomb-sniffing rat.