Together We Give Hope

Skillfully Responding to Distress

This interactive, half-day session uncovers and explores how we can more skillfully respond to and de-escalate emotional distress situations. Using a variety of learning tools, including videos, discussions, group work and guided practices, this trauma-informed training explores: understanding the stress response, self-awareness of our own triggers and needs, active listening, mindfulness, boundary setting, and self-care.





June 7


9:30am – 1:00pm Crisis Centre
763 E Broadway, Vancouver

Workshop Fee

Standard Registration – $40
Subsidized Registration – $25
Crisis Centre Volunteers – $0

Workplace Trainings

All trainings can be provided offsite, as requested. To inquire about booking, please email or call 604-872-1811.

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“Great workshop, I learned a lot. I feel better prepared to work with families and be empathetic.”  – Mental Health Worker