Together We Give Hope

Spring 2022 Campaign


In March 2016 I answered my first call on the crisis lines. Palms sweaty, mouth dry. “It’s actually happening,” I said, at the same time blurting out “Crisis Centre!” to the caller. At that moment, the whole reason why I was there flashed before my eyes. 

Five years before this, my sister had tried multiple times to take her own life. As she recovered, I reflected on what we as a family could’ve done differently and what role I could have had when she was in a moment of crisis. She confided in me that she had used crisis services, but that when she did not use them were the times she felt most vulnerable.

That realization changed my life. 

We never know what’s going on in other people’s lives which is why it’s so vital to have an organization like The Crisis Centre of BC because of the impact it has on the community and our loved ones. 

We, the volunteers, love what we do.  We all have our unique stories as to why we’re here. This spring we want to connect you, our supportive donors, with our frontline volunteers. I invite you to send a note of appreciation to them – they are too often the invisible safety net for so many British Columbians.

Write a short note of gratitude, encouragement or inspiration on the flower card included and put it in the return envelope. You can also send your note digitally by clicking here. Please share with your friends or someone you know that has been impacted by our services. We want the ceiling in our phone room full of flowers and notes to show our volunteers love and appreciation for the work they do. 

Thank you for your amazing support,

Ian McWalter
Crisis Centre Volunteer

p.s. A special thanks to my sister for giving me permission to share her story. I love you.

Send in Your Flower

If you have received a flower in the mail, please write your note and send it to in the envelope provided.

You can also click here to complete a digital version of the flower note card. It will be sent to the Crisis Centre development team who will print, cut, and hang in the distress services phone and chat room

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