Together We Give Hope

Student Project Guidelines

Important Notes on Student Projects:

If an interview is required, please ensure you have given us at least two weeks notice before the deadline in order for us to better meet your needs – we also ask that research and outlines be prepared in advance prior to an interview.

Please ensure you have reviewed our website(s) thoroughly – we have three comprehensive, user-friendly websites:,, – these websites provide you with information regarding our programs and services, facts and statistics, and resources.

Student Projects Should Include:

– An educational component describing the warning signs for suicide and where to go for help (counselling services, a crisis line, mental health services)

– Relevant and informative research that provides an accurate description of our programs and services, facts and statistics on suicide and suicide prevention/awareness, etc.

Links to relevant information for student projects:


Student Projects Contact:
P. 604-872-1811 | E.