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Suicide Grief Support


Suicide loss involves a unique grieving process that requires a particular set of resources to help those bereaved. At the Crisis Centre, we are working towards creating a community of those who have had the difficult experience of losing someone to suicide. Connection and education are part of our means to respond to your needs.

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This program is driven by individuals who have experienced first hand
the loss of a loved one to suicide. They volunteer their time as part
of a Bereavement Advisory Committee.


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What is Suicide Bereavement?

Watch this video with our bereavement specialist to find out:


Suicide Grief Support Group


“Support groups can offer tremendous comfort and safety in knowing we are not alone. The knowledge that there are others who have some understanding of what we have been through can help us heal and move forward in our grief journey” 

Jude Platzer

The the Crisis Centre of BC and the BC Bereavement Helpline partner in hosting a grief support group for those bereaved by suicide. Being with others who have experienced a similar loss helps reduce isolation, increase coping skills, and create long-term networks of support. This group is led by two skilled, experienced and caring facilitators.

Upcoming Support Group

Spring 2023

March 29-May 27

1-3 pm

 To Register:  Email Courtney at or call  BCBH Helpline at 604-738-9950.

Our groups fill out often, please contact us as soon as possible to have your name added to our waitlist. Those on the waitlist will be contacted first.

Additional Resources

Losing someone to suicide is a unique loss like no other, and can lead to a number of conflicting feelings and many unanswered questions.  There is no one way to feel or grieve the death by suicide—we all react and grieve differently.  And most importantly, it is important to remember that you are not alone—suicide impacts more people than we often know about.


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Looking for information and can’t seem to find it?

Please fill out this form and we will be in touch to explore your unique programming and training needs. If you or someone you know is struggling, especially with thoughts of suicide, please contact our distress services.


Past events

In Person Gathering for Suicide Loss Survivors.


International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day Event 2021 & 2022


A Gathering for Connecting & Learning for Suicide Loss Survivors


An Expressive Art Workshop