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Suicide Grief Support

Losing someone to suicide can be a deeply challenging and unique experience that requires understanding, compassion, and support.  At the Crisis Centre of BC, we are committed to creating a safe and caring community for those who have endured the pain of suicide loss. 

Our team is here if you seek resources to support yourself, someone you know, or your community. Contact us at

The Crisis Centre provides a range of programming and services for those who have been impacted by suicide loss with the aim of fostering connection, information and healing:

  • Support and resources for communities, organizations and individuals after a suicide.
  • Events and activities that foster healing and connection (ie. Cup of Tea for Soul series, International Surivors of Suicide Loss Day)
  • Training and Workshops
  • Volunteer opportunities for those who have lost someone to suicide to support our programming or join our Bereavement Advisory Committee


If you need emotional support right now or are having thoughts of suicide, please reach out to 310-6789 or 1-800-784-2433 (1800SUICIDE)


Individual and Community Support


During the aftermath of a devastating loss to suicide, the impact can be deeply felt by many in the community – those who knew and loved the person. 

In the days and weeks following a suicide, the Crisis Centre can often provide support to help individuals, communities and organizations. Our resources can be made available to various settings including schools, faith communities, and workplaces.

To request support or for more information, please reach out to us at


Upcoming Events


International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day
Join a compassionate community of individuals on November 18th, 2023, who share similar life experiences on this important day. Check back for updates or email to stay informed.

Cup of Tea for the Soul
Experience the healing power of shared connections. Join our free online gatherings for suicide loss survivors:


Workshop Offerings


One Event Does Not Define A Life: Understanding Suicide Loss
Our customized workshop is designed for organizations and communities to deepen their understanding of suicide and grief. With a focus on the nuances of suicide loss, attendees will learn effective ways to support those bereaved by suicide.

For more information or to book this workshop, please contact


Suicide Bereavement Groups


A suicide grief support group, or bereavement group, can be a safe and compassionate space where individuals who have lost a loved one to suicide can share their experiences, emotions, and challenges. These groups can offer a specialized form of bereavement support designed to meet the unique needs of those grieving the loss of someone to suicide.

Agencies that offer suicide grief support groups:

Contact for more information on suicide loss support groups.


Other Resources


Losing someone to suicide is a complex experience that may leave you with conflicting emotions and unanswered questions. Remember, you are not alone; we are here to support you. Find additional resources for survivors, children, indigenous communities, schools, managers, and more below.

Living With Suicide Video Series 

Living with Suicide Loss – About the Series from AFSP on Vimeo.

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