Together We Give Hope

Technology Volunteer Application

We are looking for technology professionals who want to join the largest suicide prevention cause in British Columbia. We need people with tech skills who want to make a difference in their local community.  You will join a community of caring individuals who are working to prevent suicide and promote mental health.

The Crisis Centre is looking for volunteers for the following positions:

System Administrator

Looking for System Administrators who want to give back to their community. You understand that system administration is not a job, but instead a craft. And like any other craft, professional system administration takes years to master. You have put in thousands of hours in server rooms working with many different types of firewalls, switches, routers, and servers. You have honed your Linux and Windows server skills and take tremendous satisfaction writing that perfect script. Most importantly, you want to use your “TechFu” to make a difference to people in Crisis in Vancouver and across BC.  If you want to “innovate at the intersection of people and technology” but you are not sure where to begin.

Here is where it might start….

Software Developer Database Programmer

You are someone with a strong website development background and it goes without saying that for you, LAMP Stack is old hat. And even though you know that the end user or client will never see nor truly appreciate how much cleaner, simpler and more elegant your code is, you write it that way because for you, that’s the only way to write code. For you “code is poetry”.

Not only are you an experienced site developer, you love writing that one database query that provides the answer to the question that has not even been asked. Well guess what, we have heaps and heaps of data that contain answers to questions that can impact the lives of so many people.

Click here if you want to learn how to save lives with CSS, PHP, ASP.NET, SQL or mySQL…


With our limited non-profit resources already over stretched, we ask you for a commitment of 100 volunteer hours.  This commitment recognizes the resources required for your on-boarding, hardware, software, training and orientation to our environment.

  • Developers, Programmers must be willing commit based on a project to project basis with a minimum 100 hour commitment.
  • System Administrators must be willing to commit to a minimum of 4hrs/wk or 16hrs/month with a minimum 100 hour commitment.

Letters of Reference

Letter of reference will be provided after 100 hours of volunteer work.

Reference letters will speak to the following:

  • Start/End dates and total volunteer hours.
  • Tech support tickets closed (for system administrators).
  • List of projects completed and it’s impact to the agency and community.
  • Soft skills displayed in accomplishing your work i.e. interpersonal skills, communication, conflict resolution, etc.
  • Values and traits demonstrated in carrying out your commitment i.e. honesty, integrity, commitment, humour, etc.
  • Confirmation that the volunteer meet/did not meet commitment.

If you’d like to apply and join this very special team, please click here and thank you.