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Training for Adults Participant Feedback

“The Crisis Centre taught and facilitated the ‘Suicide Module’ for us… In my fifteen years of experience as Housing Manager, this module has never been presented and facilitated so well. I support their operation whole heartedly and commend them on the excellent service they offer to the community.” Housing Manager, BCIT

“[The] teaching methods were simple, interactive, and very effective. [The workshop] gave me tools to help me do my job better as well as a strategy to prevent burnout and take care of myself…[It] helped me to see clearly the line between myself and my clients and helped me define my counselling strategy better. It was a pleasure and a privilege to participate in [the] workshop.”  Community Health Nurse

“I appreciated the practice and demonstrations in the ASIST training. So many trainings I have been to around suicide are presentation and lecture format.  Having participants asking the questions I think is the best way for us to learn.  I appreciated how the facilitator created safety in the session – we all came from different backgrounds and experiences so it is important for everyone to feel safe to share, not share, or try something new.  The facilitator did a really nice job of setting the tone….and creating safety.”   Administrator, Student Support Services

“I learned so much during the past two days of ASIST training.  The instructors were professional and approachable.  I learned how to intervene with a suicide outside of my work and with my clients as a mental health and addictions worker.  The role playing, simulations and feedback was very good.  I would recommend this training to my colleagues.”  Mental Health and Addictions worker

“I very much appreciate the time you took before the training to assess our needs and help us develop a suicide intervention protocol for our workplace.  You designed an engaging workshop that helped improve the capacity and confidence of our staff to identify and respond to suicide.  The ASIST training was likewise very helpful.  The information was presented in an engaging, clear and understandable way.  The staff engaged in the exercises and it generated very valuable conversation.  This has been a good investment for our organization.”  Coordinator, Urban Health Research Initiative

“ASIST is a great workshop for anyone working with people that could be at risk for personal harm.”   Police officer

“The facilitator did a great job keeping the workshop interesting.  I have come to recognize that I don’t have to be afraid to ask if someone is thinking about suicide.”  Youth worker