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Vancouver School Board (District 39): Tools for Managing Stress and Burnout

Looking for practical strategies to support your well-being, and your staff team, students, friends or family? 

Join us for the next Tools for Managing Stress and Burnout 6-week online course:

6 Wednesdays: Sept 22 to Oct 27, 2021
Live Webinars 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Registration is open to all district employees!

In this 6-week, free webinar series for Vancouver School District employees, learn evidence-based mindfulness tools for managing stress, preventing burnout, and supporting well-being. Each 60-minute webinar explores a theme related to emotional well-being, including building a foundation of what mindfulness is, exploring related science, and introducing practices to observe thoughts and emotions, manage reactivity, the negativity bias, and harness the science of happiness.

Each webinar includes simple yet effective tools that can be applied in daily life. Plus, learn tips to share the tools with your colleagues, students, friends or family to support their mental health and well-being.

Learn at your own pace through live webinars, do recorded video classes weekly at any time, or a combination of the two. Simple, guided practices are provided each week with an opportunity to investigate and integrate them into daily life during and following the course.

What difference will it make?

100% of participants indicated the course was helpful and said they plan to continue using the tools they learned in this series to help with personal and workplace stress. 98% said they would recommend it to others.

Mindfulness is linked to benefits such as improved focus, decision-making, conflict resolution, creativity, and physical and mental health. Using mindfulness practices is linked to long term improvements with anxiety, stress-related disorders, and depression.  Participants of our mindfulness programs report gaining valuable and accessible tools, useful in both workplace and personal life.

There are 3 registration options:

1.  Attend live webinars: 6 Wednesdays: Sept 22 to Oct 27, 2021 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Note, if you can’t attend a full webinar, you’re welcome to attend a portion of time!

2. Do a combination of live webinars, and some sessions by video recording.

3. Participate by video recording.


Flexible attendance

Keep in mind, if you can’t attend a full 60-minute webinar, you can participate in a portion of the live session and watch the rest by recording. You’re welcome to attend webinars for whatever time-frame works for you!

Weekly Recordings

All participants will be emailed weekly webinar video recordings and course resources.

On-demand recordings will available on the Employee Wellness SharePoint until June 2022.


“A heartfelt THANK YOU for the webinar series! These helpful sessions have been such a special time of meaningful and lasting learning for me! I find that mindfulness–in its very doable and practical applications for awareness in the present moment, compassion, gratitude, and self-care–has added a deeply valuable dimension to my journey of personal growth. Thank you again for such a worthwhile series of sessions! “
– Cynthia Mendoza, VSB Senior LINKS Teacher