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Single-Session Wellness Workshops For Youth

Engaging and practical 70 to 90-minute wellness workshops for schools and youth groups in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia:

Suggested fees: $50 for one-time workshops; $20 per session when booking multiple workshops. suicideTALK is staff-delivered and is $50 per session.

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Self-Care for Mental Health


Recognizing the importance of self-care and coping skills as part of suicide prevention, the Crisis Centre developed an interactive wellness workshop for teens!

This engaging, hands-on workshop encourages young people to consider different strategies for managing life’s ups and downs, and to create their own wellness toolkits. It includes experiential activities, videos, games and discussions.  Delivered by trained volunteers.

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Suggested fee: $50 for one-time workshops; $20 per session when booking multiple workshops.

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU for sharing your amazing presenters with our school. They helped to make our Mental Health Awareness event a great success. We look forward to future opportunities to have the Crisis Centre back to speak to more of our students.” –  School Counsellor, Burnaby


Tools for Managing Stress


Streamlined and super practical, this single-session workshop introduces mindfulness tools to help youth tackle stress from the inside out!  Dynamic and youth-friendly, teens are invited to try out simple strategies to reduce stress, manage emotions, reactivity, and acknowledge choice in difficult situations.

This revised, innovative workshop includes a variety of short videos, opportunities for small group work, large discussions and space for quiet reflection. Delivered by trained volunteers.

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Suggested fee: $50 for one-time workshops; $20 per session when booking multiple workshops.

“Excellent examples – empowering students to take ownership of strategies, etc. Mind jar and STOP practice very useful! Outstanding support! Thank you! Excellent!”  – School Counsellor, Vancouver

Click here for Workshop Extension Activities.  A mindfulness resource for before or after the Tools for Managing Stress workshop.




suicideTALK invites youth to become more aware of suicide prevention opportunities in their school and community. This exploration focuses upon the question “Should we talk about suicide?”  suicideTALK participants will discover…

  • How suicide is a serious community health problem that is often misunderstood
  • How personal and community beliefs about suicide affect suicide stigma and safety
  • How the TALK steps can be used to help prevent suicide
  • How to get involved in life protection, preservation, and promotion activities in the community

Suitable for youth 15 and older, including Peer Helper groups.

Contact to discuss how this might fit into your school or organization’s suicide response plan.

As suicideTALK is staff-delivered, the suggested fee is $50 per workshop.