Together We Give Hope

With deepest gratitude, thank you!

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National Volunteer Week is an opportunity for the Crisis Centre to recognize those of you who devote your time, energy, and passion ensuring that we can provide hope for people when they need it most.

Our volunteers are mission critical in responding to our callers and chatters, and in carrying the message that we are capable of helping each other deal with suicide and crisis when it comes into our lives.

It is because of your ability to work for the health and wellbeing of our communities that we can begin to see compassionate, connected, suicide-safer communities.

You help us achieve the Crisis Centre’s mission and vision in many different ways:

  • you bring compassion and caring that shines a light into the world;
  • you bring highly specialized skills and knowledge that allow us to address complex issues and provide hope;
  • you bring new ideas to help reshape our programs and services;
  • and you ground the work we do in joy and the belief that the power of listening without judgement can open up pathways to health and wholeness.

Although I know you are here because you want to make a difference, for National Volunteer Week we’d like you to also come for the goodies. We’ll have assorted tasty treats for you in the kitchen and phone room all week long.

Thank you, and have a wonderful National Volunteer Week!

Stacy Ashton
Executive Director