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Mindfulness Program for Youth

“I used mindfulness when I was about to get into a fight with my older sister, I breathed.”

– Grade 11 student, Britannia Outreach

Are you a teacher, counsellor or youth worker in Vancouver looking for ways to help integrate mindfulness practices into your work with youth?

Do you feel you and the teens you work with could benefit from regular mindfulness training?

The Crisis Centre’s Mindfulness Program for Youth is a unique, 16-session curriculum introducing youth, and those working with them, to skills and practices that support self-awareness. Delivered twice-per-week over 8 weeks (20 to 30 minutes each session), teens are exposed to multiple ways of experiencing and practicing mindfulness in daily life.

The results are in!

  • Three in 4 youth reported that using mindfulness helped them calm down when they felt upset
  • One in 2 youth reported that mindfulness helped them fall asleep at night
  • One in 2 reported that mindfulness helped them focus more in the classroom

This program is available in Vancouver and is based on curriculum developed by Mindful Schools, a non-profit organization based in California.

Suggested donation: $150 to $500 per group (16 sessions) 

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“My favourite thing about mindfulness was that I could think more clearly and I could focus on now rather than the present and the past.”

– Grade 8 student, Carson Graham Secondary

“I am very grateful for the mindfulness session that our students experienced with the Crisis Centre. The lessons have given us a common language to communicate with, not just during the sessions, but in other classes and situations when we hope to encourage the use of a stress management technique or a prosocial behaviour. Most of all, I am thankful for the seeds of mindfulness and nonviolence that these sessions have planted in my students hearts and minds. They are a lasting gift that our students will surely carry with them on their journeys towards becoming happy and healthy peacebuilders in our world.” 

– Teacher, Vancouver Technical Secondary School

 About Our Mindfulness Facilitators:

The Crisis Centre’s Multi Session Mindfulness Program is supported by a small team of staff and volunteer facilitators, each dedicated to mindfulness practice.  Our team of facilitators has extensive experience in mindfulness through class and/or retreat time.  All of our facilitators have received the Mindful Schools Online Curriculum Training.