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Mindfulness Program for Youth

This unique, 16-session social and emotional learning curriculum introduces youth and those working with them to life skills and practices that support self-awareness, emotion and impulse regulation, improved attention and empathy for self and others.

Delivered twice-per-week over 8 weeks (20 to 30 minutes per session), youth are exposed to practical, easy-to-use tools for daily life.

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Results from 2019 participants:

  • 87% of students self-identified one or more ways the program helped them, including reducing stress, calming down when upset, focusing better in the classroom and falling asleep at night
  • 82% of students said they enjoyed the sessions
  • 77% of student said more youth should learn these tools
  • 77% of students said they would use the life skills they learned in the future

This program is available in Vancouver and Burnaby and is based on curriculum developed by Mindful Schools, a non-profit organization based in California.

 About our Facilitators:

Tailored sessions are delivered by a staff and contract facilitators dedicated to life-long learning, youth education and personal mindfulness practice. Each of our facilitators has extensive experience in contemplative practice and outstanding interpersonal skills to connect with youth.

All our program facilitators have received the Mindful Schools Educator Essentials training and are supported by professional staff.

Fee: $500 per group (16 sessions). Discounted rates are available upon request. Program length and cost may be modified.

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“When I was in a fight with a friend I used it to calm down and not snap back.”
– Student, Burnaby School District

“I was getting really frustrated about not understanding what my mom was telling me. I stopped myself and took a minute to focus on my breathing, telling myself that it is okay to not understand and be patient with myself.”
– Student, Alternate Program, Vancouver School Board

“This was even more amazing than I expected it to be…My class benefited greatly from these mindfulness lessons. My students spoke highly of these lessons & have already used some of the technique we learned about in their own lives. I cannot say enough about how good this program was.”
– Teacher, Genesis South School, Vancouver School Board