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Training & Courses for Youth

Providing skills, practices and knowledge that fosters coping and lifelong resiliency.

“The Self-Care workshop facilitators have provided an outstanding connection with our students. The workshop has been very helpful, offering practical strategies and aiding students to develop important inner resources. The presentations were engaging and facilitated reflective thinking in the students. Over the years, it has been essential that the Crisis Centre come in.  As a result of offering the workshops, several students came forward and we able to provide counselling support.  We feel it is extremely helpful at keeping our students safe.  This workshop effectively highlights a variety of different types of support available and clearly outlines strategies for moving forward and taking care of self.  Thank you!”

– School Counsellor, Vancouver School Board


“The mindfulness facilitators were fantastic and had a really great understanding of how to speak to a youth population. The presentations were interesting and I know the students got a lot from them.  I spoke with many of them after and they all quite enjoyed the quick tips and tricks about how to centre themselves in a very short amount of time.”

– Program Director, Local Youth Agency