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A Visit from N’Quatqua Youth

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Nine lively youth and their youth workers from N’Quatqua First Nation spent an afternoon at the Crisis Centre to attend wellness workshops on March 20.

Orissa (Facilitator), Cassidy (Participant), Nick (Facilitator)

The group’s two-day road-trip from D’Arcy, B.C. included a supportive mix of mental health and mindfulness education workshops shared by up-beat Crisis Centre volunteers, plus a healthy dose of activities to ensure a memorable experience for all.

Here is how one of the young person described their visit:

My day went fantastic here with the Crisis Centre and I would recommend it to anyone who is feeling unsure of how they feel or even if they feel lost and hopeless.

I had no idea how beneficial and how opening mental health information and self-care could be for myself. I’ve always believed mental health stood out as a negative feeling or topic.

But not after today because we elaborated on the topic as a group and got a good understanding that it can mean a lot of things, negative or positive. Mental health can have its ups and downs, but that what it’s all about—making sure you make time to have a self-check throughout the day and utilize it. I’ve never felt better after asking for HELP. ~ Cassidy

The Crisis Centre works in collaboration with First Nation communities and our neighbours throughout the Province to provide a variety of youth programs that build skills and knowledge to foster healthy coping and lifelong resiliency.

Find more information on our website about youth programs, as well as training and resources for community members, teachers, service providers, counsellors, other professionals.