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Going Local: 5 Tips for a Successful Staycation

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By Tiffany Robinson Wellness Programs Specialist If you’re staying close to home this summer, staycations (stay-at-home vacations) can be a super-fun and rewarding way to holiday with lots of benefits. In addition to saving on travel costs and fossil fuel emissions, staycations are a great way to appreciate the awesome elements of your local surroundings, […]

The leap to virtual, online volunteer training

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By Chelsea Carter with Akhila Blaise, Distress Services, Training & Quality Assurance   Volunteers are the foundation of the Crisis Centre. Since its inception, the Crisis Centre phones have depended on volunteers to answer the majority of call-takers. To become a call-taker they must first complete 110-hours of training, which includes monitored call taking. In […]

Shifting to increase Crisis Centre capacity

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By Chelsea Carter with Josh Cytrynbaum, Director, Distress Services, Crisis Response & Operations   While the world seemed to have stopped in response to COVID-19, nothing stopped in the Crisis Centre call-room and online chat services. Crisis line operations remained the same – the Centre did what it does best: respond to crisis.  Calls increased, […]

Providing support in the new normal

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By Chelsea Carter with Lu Ripley, Director of Community Learning and Engagement In a moment’s notice, a new “normal” was created as British Columbia responded to COVID-19. Schools and offices closed, shops were no longer taking customers, and playgrounds were taped off. In the midst of it, support service providers were suddenly faced with the […]

Doing what we do best – responding and supporting

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By Oliver Lum In March, the lives of British Columbians along with the majority of Canada changed. We were asked to “stay home” with self-isolation and quarantine orders put in place to do our part in slowing down the spread of COVID-19. The Crisis Centre was called on to do what we do best – […]