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Finding a New Passion with the Crisis Centre

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By Chelsea Carter Anne-Marie’s life was turned upside down when she suffered a third knee injury, leaving irreparable damage. She had been on the path to a life as a professional athlete in either soccer or field hockey and sport was everything she had built her identity around. When she lost her ability to compete […]

Getting straight to the point: asking the question

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By Chelsea Carter You wouldn’t expect Jess to become anxious in front of a group of teenagers. When you meet her she’s all smiles and has a calm friendly demeanour. However, she says that when she first started leading mindfulness workshops as a volunteer with the Crisis Centre, she would feel extremely anxious – as […]

Season of giving or My favourite gift was a rat

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By Stacy Ashton Executive Director One of my favourite Christmas gifts was a rat. One of those awesome HeroRATs, trained to go into war zones and detect landmines, so the mines could be decommissioned and the land made safe for playgrounds.  I never got to meet my rat, but a friend of mine “adopted” a […]

Q&A with Cyncitaee Robins

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Ready to make a difference and bring more joy to the world drives Cyncitaee Robins. A mother with two beautiful boys from Clinton, BC, Cyncitaee has made the commitment to wear a onesie for a year as part of her fundraising campaign to support the Crisis Centre of BC.  Cyncitaee recently met with Crisis Centre […]